Potassium Bromide

Potassium Bromide

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Potassium Bromide

English Name : Potassium Bromide

Synonyms:  Bromide Salt of Potassium,KBr

Chemical formula :KBr

Molecular weight : 119.00

CAS : 7758-02-3

EINECS: 231-830-3

Melting point :734

Boiling point : 1380

Solubility : soluble in water

Density : 2.75 g/cm

Appearance : Colorless crystal or white powder

H.S. CODE : 28275100

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Company profile

Business Type : Manufacturer/Factory&Trading Company
Main Product : Magnesium Chloride Calcium Chloride,Barium Chloride,
Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium Bicarbonate
Number of Employees : 150
Year of Estabulishment : 2006
Management System Certification: ISO 9001
Location : Shandong,China(Mainland)

Basic information

Physical and Chemical properties
Physical properties(Solid Potassium Bromide)
Molar mass: 119.01g/mol
Appearance: white crystal powder
Density: 2.75g/cm3 (solid)
Melting point: 734℃ (1007K)
Boiling point: 1435℃ (1708K)
Solubility in water: 53.5g/100ml (0℃);The solubility is 102g/100ml water at 100℃
Appearance: Colorless cubic crystal.It is odorless, salty and slightly bitter.See light easily yellow, slightly hygroscopicity.
Chemical properties
Potassium bromide is a typical ionic compound which is completely ionized and neutral after being dissolved in water.Commonly used to provide bromide ions -- Silver bromide for photographic use can be produced by the following important reactions:
KBr(aq) + AgNO3(aq) → AgBr(s) + KNO3(aq)
The bromide ion Br- in aqueous solution can form complexes with some metal halides, such as:
KBr(aq) + CuBr2(aq) → K2[CuBr4](aq)

Product details

Potassium Bromide Specifications:



Tech Grade

Photo Grade


White Crystal

White Crystal

Assay(as KBr)%






Sulphate(as SO4)%



Chloride(as Cl)%



Iodide(as I)%



Bromate(as BrO3)%



Heavy metal(as Pb)%



Iron(as Fe)%


degree of Clearance



PH(10% solution at 25 degree C)



Transmittance 5% at410nm


Deoxidize experience(to KMnO4)

the red unchanged above half hour

Preparation Methods

1) Electrolysis Method

Will by potassium bromide and potassium hydroxide synthesis with distilled water to dissolve into the electrolyte, the first batch of crude products, electrolytic after 24 h after every 12 h takes a coarse, the coarse product are washed with distillation hydrolysis after removal of KBR, add a small amount of potassium hydroxide adjust pH value of 8, insulation filter after 0.5 h, will clarify the filtrate in the crystallizer and mid-cooling to room temperature, crystallization, separation, drying, potassium bromate was made by the product.

2) Chlorine oxidation Method

After the reaction of lime milk and bromide, chlorine gas was added for chlorine oxidation reaction, and the reaction ended when the pH value reached 6~7.After slag removal, the filtrate is evaporated.Barium chloride solution is added to react to produce barium bromate precipitation, and the filtered precipitation is suspended with water to maintain a certain temperature and added to potassium carbonate for double decomposition reaction. Crude potassium bromate is washed with a small amount of distilled water for several times, then filtered, evaporated, cooled, crystallized, separated, dried and crushed to prepare edible potassium bromate products.

3) Bromo-Potassium Hydroxide Method

With industrial bromine and potassium hydroxide as raw materials, potassium hydroxide was dissolved into solution with 1.4 times the mass of water, and bromine was added under constant stirring.When bromide is added to a certain amount, white crystals are precipitated out to get potassium bromate crude.

Continue adding bromine until the liquid is pink.At the same time as adding bromine, cold water is constantly added to the solution to prevent the loss of bromine volatilization due to high temperature.Recrystallized repeatedly, filtered, dried, then dissolved with deionized water, and added a small amount of potassium hydroxide to remove the excess bromine during synthesis, recrystallized once, finally took out the crystallization, dried, finished product.


1)Photosensitive materials industry used in the manufacture of photosensitive film, developer, negative thickening agent, toner and color photo bleaching agent;
2)Used as a nerve tranquilizer in medicine (three bromine tablets);
3)Used for chemical analysis reagents, spectroscopic and infrared transmission, making special soap, as well as engraving, lithography and other aspects;
4) It is also used as an analytical reagent.

Main Export Markets

Asia Africa Australasia
Europe Middle East
North America Central/South America


General packaging specification: 25KG,50KG;500KG;1000KG Jumbo Bag;
Packaging Size : Jumbo bag size: 95 * 95 * 125-110 * 110 * 130;
25kg bag size: 50 * 80-55 * 85
Small bag is a double-layer bag,and the outer layer have a coating film ,which can effectively prevent moisture absorption. Jumbo Bag adds UV protection additive,suitable for long distance transportation,as well as in a variety of climated.

Payment & Shipment

Payment Term: TT, LC or by negotiation
Port of Loading : Qingdao Port,China
Lead time : 10-30days after confirming the order

Primary Competitive Advantages

Small Oders Accepted Sample Available
Distributorships Offered Reputation
Price Quality Prompt Shipment
International Approvals Guarantee / Warranty
Country of Origin, CO/Form A/Form E/Form F...

Have more than 10 years professional experience in the production of Barium Chloride;
Could customize the packing according to your requirement; Safety factor of jumbo bag is 5:1;
Small trial order is acceptable , free sample is available;
Provide reasonable market analysis and product solutions;
To provide customers the most competitive price at any stage ;
Low production costs due to local resource advantages and low transportation costs
due to proximity to the docks,ensure competitive price.

Toxicity of protective

Avoid ingestion or inhalation, and avoid contact with eyes and skin.If ingested, dizziness and nausea will occur. Please seek medical treatment immediately.If inhaled, vomiting may occur. Remove the patient to fresh air immediately and seek medical attention.If splashed into the eyes, immediately wash with plenty of fresh water for 20min;Skin in contact with potassium bromide should also be rinsed with plenty of water.

Packaging Storage and Transportation

It should be sealed dry and kept away from light.Packed in PP bags lined with PE bags ,20kg, 25kg or 50kg net each.  Should be stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse. The packing should be complete and protected from moisture and light. It must be protected from rain and sun during transportation. Handle with care during loading and unloading to prevent packing damage. In case of fire, sand and various fire extinguishers can be used to put out the fire.

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