Soda Ash

Soda Ash

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Soda Ash

Product Name: SODA ASH

Common Chemical Names: Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate

Chemical Family: Alkali

CAS Number: 497-19-6

Formula: Na2CO3

Bulk Density: 60 lbs/cubic foot

Boiling Point: 854ºC

Color: White Crystal Powder

Solubility in Water: 17 g/100 g H2O at 25ºC

Stability: Stable

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Business Type : Manufacturer/Factory&Trading Company
Main Product : Magnesium Chloride Calcium Chloride,Barium Chloride,
Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium Bicarbonate
Number of Employees : 150
Year of Estabulishment : 2006
Management System Certification: ISO 9001
Location : Shandong,China(Mainland)

Basic information

Product Name: SODA ASH
Common Chemical Names: Soda Ash, Sodium Carbonate
Chemical Family: Alkali
CAS Number: 497-19-6
Formula: Na2CO3
Bulk Density: 60 lbs/cubic foot
Boiling Point: 854ºC
Color: White Crystal Powder
Solubility in Water: 17 g/100 g H2O at 25ºC
Stability: Stable

Physical properties


Sodium carbonate is a white odorless powder or particle at room temperature.With water absorption, exposed in the air gradually absorb 1mol/L water (about =15%).The hydrates include Na2CO3·H2O, Na2CO3·7H2O and Na2CO3·10H2O.


Sodium carbonate is easily soluble in water and glycerin.

Chemical properties

The aqueous solution of sodium carbonate is alkaline and corrosive to a certain extent, and can double decompose with acid, but also with some calcium salt, barium salt double decompose reaction.The solution is alkaline and can turn phenolphthalein red.


Strong stability, but can also be decomposed at high temperature, to produce sodium oxide and carbon dioxide ; Long-term exposure to the air can absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, generate sodium bicarbonate, and form a hard block.

Hydrolysis reaction

Because sodium carbonate is hydrolyzed in an aqueous solution, the ionized carbonate ions combine with hydrogen ions in water to form bicarbonate ions, resulting in the reduction of hydrogen ions in the solution, leaving the ionized hydroxide ions, so the pH of the solution is alkaline.

Reaction with acid

Sodium carbonate reacts with all kinds of acids.Take hydrochloric acid, for example. In sufficient quantities, sodium chloride and carbonic acid are formed, and the unstable carbonic acid is immediately decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

Reaction with alkali

Sodium carbonate can double decompose with calcium hydroxide, barium hydroxide and other bases to form precipitate and sodium hydroxide.This reaction is commonly used in industry to prepare caustic soda.

Reaction with salt

Sodium carbonate can double decompose with calcium salt, barium salt, etc., to generate precipitation and new sodium salt:

Product details

Technical Specifications

Item     Index (Soda Ash Dense )  Index (Soda Ash Light)
Total alkali (quality fraction of Na2CO3 dry basis)     99.2%min      99.2%min
NaCI (quality fraction of NaCI dry basis)     0.70%max  0.70%max
Fe quality fraction(dry basis) 0.0035%max 0.0035%max
Sulfate(quality fraction of SO4 dry basis)  0.03%max  0.03%max
Water-fast substance in quality fraction     0.03%max 0.03%max
Accumulation density(g/ml)     0.90%min  
Particle size, 180μm sieving residue     70.0%min

Preparation of Soda Ash

There are mainly two kinds of Ammonia Alkaline method and Combined Alkaline method . 1)Ammonia alkaline method

It is one of the main methods for industrial production of Soda Ash .It is characterized by cheap ingredients, easy availability and recycling of ammonia (less loss;Suitable for mass production, easy to mechanization and automation).However, the raw material utilization rate of this method is low, especially the NaCl rate.The main production processes include brine preparation, limestone calcination, ammonia brine preparation, carbonation, separation and calcination of heavy alkali, ammonia recovery, etc.The reaction process is as follows:


CaO+H2O= Ca(OH)2Q


NaHCO3 Na2CO3+CO2↑+H2O↑Q

NH4Cl+ Ca(OH)2 = Ca Cl 2 +NH3 +H2OQ

2)Combined Alkaline method

With salt, ammonia and carbon dioxide byproducts of synthetic ammonia industry as raw materials, the simultaneous production of soda ash and ammonium chloride, that is, the combined production of soda ash and ammonium chloride, referred to as "combined alkali production" or "combined alkali" main reaction is:

NaCl+NH3+H2O+CO2= NaHCO3 ↓+NH4Cl

NaHCO3 = Na2CO3+CO2↑+H2O↑

* According to the times of adding raw materials and the different precipitation temperature of ammonium chloride, there are many processes for combined alkali production. Our country mostly uses: one time carbonization, two times ammonia absorption, one salt, low temperature ammonium out process.


1)The glass industry is a large consumption department of soda soda, each ton of glass consumption of 0.2t soda soda. Mainly used in float glass, picture tube glass shell, optical glass, etc.

2) It can also be used in chemical industry, metallurgy and other departments .The use of heavy soda can reduce the dust of alkali, reduce the consumption of raw materials, improve the working conditions, improve the quality of products, reduce the erosion effect of alkali powder on refractory materials, and prolong the service life of kiln.

3)As buffer, neutralizer and dough improver, can be used in cakes and pasta food, according to the production needs of appropriate use.

4) Used as a detergent for wool rinsing, bath salts and medicine, as an alkali in tanning leather.

5) Used in food industry, as a neutralizer, leavening agent, such as the manufacture of amino acids, soy sauce and noodle food such as steamed bread, bread, etc.It can also be prepared into alkaline water and added to pasta to increase elasticity and ductility.Sodium carbonate can also be used to produce monosodium glutamate.

6) Special reagent for color TV

7) Used in pharmaceutical industry as acid antidote and osmotic laxative.

8) Anhydrous sodium carbonate is used for chemical and electrochemical oil removal, electroless copper plating, aluminum etching, aluminum and alloy electropolishing, aluminum chemical oxidation, phosphating after closing, process rust prevention, electrolytic removal of chromium coating and removal of chromium oxide film, also used in pre-copper plating, steel plating, steel plating alloy electrolyte

9) Metallurgical industry for smelting flux, mineral processing with flotation agent, steelmaking and antimony smelting as a desulfurizer.

10) Printing and dyeing industry used as a water softener.

11) It is used in leather industry to degrease raw leather, neutralize chrome tanning leather and improve the alkalinity of chrome tanning liquor.

12) A reference for the calibration of acid in quantitative analysis.Determination of aluminium, sulphur, copper, lead and zinc.Urine and whole blood glucose tests.Analysis of silica cosolvent in cement.Metallic metallographic analysis, etc

Main Export Markets

Asia Africa Australasia
Europe Middle East
North America Central/South America


General packaging specification: 25KG,50KG;500KG;1000KG Jumbo Bag;
Packaging Size : Jumbo bag size: 95 * 95 * 125-110 * 110 * 130
25kg bag size: 50 * 80-55 * 85
All packing bags are PP outer bag with PE inner bag;
The outer bag has coating to protect the quality of the goods;
Jumbo Bag with safety factor 5:1 , could meet all kinds of long-distance transportation.


Packing &














Soda Ash light 21.5MT 22MT   15MT 20MT  2FCL
Soda Ash Dense 27MT   27MT   27MT  2FCL

Payment & Shipment

Payment Term: TT, LC or by negotiation
Port of Loading : Qingdao Port,China
Lead time : 10-30days after confirming the order

Primary Competitive Advantages

Small Oders Accepted Sample Available
Distributorships Offered Reputation
Price Quality Prompt Shipment
International Approvals Guarantee / Warranty
Country of Origin, CO/Form A/Form E/Form F...

Have more than 10 years professional experience in the production of Barium Chloride;
Could customize the packing according to your requirement; Safety factor of jumbo bag is 5:1;
Small trial order is acceptable , free sample is available;
Provide reasonable market analysis and product solutions;
To provide customers the most competitive price at any stage ;
Low production costs due to local resource advantages and low transportation costs
due to proximity to the docks,ensure competitive price.

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